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We’ve been doing this for a very long time and we’re proud to be the preferred supplier for high end fabricated aluminum and metal products!


Kevin Gorham-Plant Manager
Kevin has been at Alspec/Interspec for over 25 years. Throughout his years at Alspec, Kevin has acquired extensive knowledge of the equipment, techniques and methods of extrusion and aluminum fabrication. With his attention for detail and his keen eye, Kevin brings excellence to even the most complex of projects.
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Mike Baker-Sheet Metal Manager
Mike has managed the sheet metal department at Alspec for over 20 years. Communicating with his customers on pricing and scheduling in a timely and informative manner is a priority for him.
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John Kamstra Jr.-Headwall Manager
John has been producing headwalls for Alspec for over 25 years. Through his efficient methods of manufacturing these products, our customer’s costs are kept low, while realizing an extremely high quality end result.

Henry Kamstra-Interspec Headwall Estimator/Inside Sales
In his 20-plus years with the firm, Henry has worked his way through the Alspec ranks to his present position as Project Manager at our Interspec Division. His extensive knowledge of all aspects of fabrication, finishing and assembly allows him to provide our contractors with clear estimates and innovative solutions they need on the job site.
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Mitch Gosselin-CNC Supervisor
Mitch is our CNC expert. He is a welcome addition to the Alspec team, even though a Habs fan! Mitch has 25 years experience in programming and operating the Haas mills. Email

Ken Price-Sales
Phone: (905) 666-1843  Cell: (905) 449-2592  Fax: (905) 666-3355 Email