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Alspec has been a leader in the metal working business for over 42 years and our tradition of excellence continues. ISO 9001-2000 certified since 1997, our highly skilled staff and experienced management team keeps Alspec Industries in the forefront of the metal fabrication sector. Alspec’s manufacturing abilities range from architectural products such as ceilings, lighting and decorative trim to industrial items like electrical enclosures, cabinets and racks. To every project we work on Alspec brings its personal, professional and detailed attention.

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Alspec offers unsurpassed manufacturing expertise in creating and producing products in sheet metal. A product’s complexities or stringent requirements are no obstacle to our ability to make deadlines and meet budget requirements. Over 200 years of combined in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise insure that your needs are met and your expectations are more than fulfilled.

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Alspec provides high-quality aluminum fabrication services. Our staff has the specialized knowledge to help you design, build, assemble, package and ship a wide variety of fabricated aluminum items.

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